For Pentecost Weekend, churches in Erie and Girard will be open

Beginning on June 6-7, our churches in Erie and Girard WILL RESUME the normal Divine Liturgy at the regularly scheduled times. While we are currently working out the details of a safe reopening, we ask that every parishioner be EXTREMELY mindful of the health and safety concerns of their own families as well as those around them. Regardless of your own opinion of the world we now see, please be understanding and respectful of other parishioners whose circumstances, and thus their world view, may differ from yours.

Some pews will be blocked off to maintain social distancing, so you may find you are unable to sit where you normally would. DO NOT move or adjust the ribbons we've placed. At this time we believe we will be able to accommodate everyone who wishes to attend while maintaining distancing guidelines and addressing health concerns. All doors will be opened, and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the church.

Parishioners are encouraged to wear facial protection.

Holy Communion will be distributed, with the communion line being a single file line, one row at a time, up the center aisle. Fr. John will be masked while distributing; we ask that when you approach, you open your mouth as widely as possible and do not contact the spoon. Adults and especially children who are unable to avoid contact with the spoon should refrain from receiving in deference to other parishioners. While protocols are in place for sanitizing, if necessary, If you are uncomfortable in any way, please refrain from receiving communion.

We ask that young children DO NOT use the restrooms unless accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. We ask EVERYONE to be SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE in traffic areas – restrooms, Narthex, aisles, devotional candles, approaches to and from the church entrances. DO NOT congregate inside the church. Do not kiss items on the tetrapod. Again, we ask you to always be mindful of your own safety and those around you.

If you remain uncomfortable attending in person, know that our Cathedral in Pittsburgh will continue streaming their Sunday liturgy at 9 am -